A Few Interesting Courses Offered in Italian

Ital 3640 Topics in Italian Studies: The Italian Exiles

Taught by Assoc. Professor Susanna Ferlito Tu,Th 12:45-2:00

In this course we will be examining the topic of exile in 19th and 20th century Italy. We will keep in mind a history of exiled individuals and gender differences between experiences of exile. We will keep a history of famous cases of exile in mind begin with the murderess Adelaide Borgomanero who in the 1300s who was exiled to Como and the ?witches of Sicily? who were exiled in the 1630s because caught talking to fairies. During the 19th century we will examine the political option of exile and the form it takes during fascism and the contemporary period (for example, Toni Negri). Our readings and discussions will examine the experience of exile as it is shaped by questions of politics, social class, religion, and gender and we will explore how feelings about and experiences of exile get represented through letters, diaries, biographies, novels, journalistic accounts, court-cases. We will also think about the choices available to exiles of where to settle as well as their emotional responses to and experience of travel and living in foreign lands. Among other texts considered: Dacia Maraini Anno 1424, Cristina Trivulzio di Belgioioso Ricordi nell’esilio, as well as texts by Baron Poerio, Settembrini, Manzoni, Moravia (Il conformista). This course will be conducted in Italian.

ITAL 3305 Staging the Self: Theater and Drama in Modern Italy

Taught by Assoc. Professor Susanna Ferlito Tu,Th 9:45-11:00 Prereq. 3015

In this course we will examine the theme of “staging the self” by examining the biographies and writings of nineteenth-century women who “posed” both off and on stage. Among the women investigated we will discuss the countess Virginia Oldoini “la Castiglione” (1837-1899) who was a “secret agent”, a courtesan, and figures in the history of photography as an important model for the photographer Pierre Louis Pierson. Also Eleonora Duse 1858-1924 actress and lover of D’Annunzio and the poet Sibilla Aleramo and Adelaide Ristori 1822-1906, famous Italian actress who had her American debut in New York (as Medea) 1866, and wrote Studies and Memoirs (1888) in which she talks about the psychology of characters such as Medea, and Alfieri’s Mirra. Our approach will be interdisciplinary examining cultural perceptions of beauty, intelligence, passion, hysteria, and gendered ways of “posing” through portraiture, photography, theater, music and literature. This course will be conducted in Italian. Midterm/Final and participation will be graded.


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