Pi Delta Phi French National Honor Society

Looking for a way to become more involved as a student in French? Looking for a way to get in touch with students of French on campus? Looking for a way to impact your campus and help start a chapter of a nationally-recognized honor society? Pi Delta Phi is holding meetings with students regularly on campus to discuss and promote the chapter they will be opening at the University of Minnesota!

Pi Delta Phi is an honor society focusing on French and Francophone interests currently with 357 chapters in the US and 2 chapters in France. There are many members nationwide, with many more in France, as well, meaning Pi Delta Phi offers networking and broad support throughout the organization. Not only does participating in the group reflect well on you as a student, but it also gives you access to others pursuing similar interests and experiences on your own campus.

There are two types of membership for Pi Delta Phi. Official members must be students of French with a GPA of 3.0 and can hold office in Pi Delta Phi. Honorary members do not need a specific GPA, and do not need to be students. Anyone who supports French language and culture can become an honorary member. The goal of the organization is to centralize French department resources in a way that makes them available at a broader level. The meetings themselves are fun and informative, but also provide a forum for students to interact with their peers to foster a sense of community and promote participation in French related activities on and off campus.

Pi Delta Phi would love to have as much student input as possible, and encourage anyone who is interested to join them for their conferences. There will be a conference April 5 and April 19. For those who can’t make it to meetings on Thursday evenings, they will also be holding a shorter meeting the week following each conference to discuss what happened at the last conference and to plan for the following one. Students who are interested in these shorter meetings should contact the group at pidphi001@gmail.com. Times and dates for these have not yet been set and they are looking to accommodate as many students as possible.


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