BBC News – Italian university switches to English

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Here is an interesting article about the worldwide trend in academia, addressing the pros and cons to making English the main language of instruction in higher education. Does it promote cross-cultural achievement, or is this symptomatic of watering down of European culture in general?

“The waters of globalization are rising around higher education – and the university believes that if it remains Italian-speaking it risks isolation and will be unable to compete as an international institution.”

“But what is driving this cultural change? Is it the intellectual equivalent of pop bands like Abba singing in English to reach a wider market?”

” ‘Speaking Italian to our countrymen is like watching a movie in colour, high definition, very clear pictures. On the contrary, speaking English to them, even with our best effort, is, on the average, like watching a movie in black and white, with very poor definition, with blurred pictures,’ says Professor Matricciani.”


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