French Children Named after Popular American TV Shows

In the 80’s there was an increase of French parents naming their children after characters in popular television shows, much to the dismay of those concerned about preserving French culture and names. This article on  explains how the youth today view their 80’s-television inspired names in a modern-day context.

The trend continues today, with the legal fiasco that ensued when two French parents wanted to name their child “Daemon” after a character in the US television show “The Vampire Diaries”. Given the satanic connotations with the name, the French law prohibits individuals from choosing a name that is “contrary to the interests of a child”. The parents won the court case, and the name stuck.

There are a variety of other names that have been challenged, such as a couple wanting to name their child “Megane”, which sounded similar to the make of a car, “Renault Megane”. Until 1993, there was a law requiring parents to choose from an approved list of names.

Since it has been overturned, the influence of other cultures on French names continues to exist, which is merely symptomatic of the ever-changing mosaic of quintessential “French” culture.


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