Eliminate Homework for Education Reform Says François Hollande

François Hollande is currently pledging to get rid of homework in an effort to equalize the playing field for students who cannot receive help outside of class. This will also allow for students to focus on their non-academic pursuits and interests like sports and music. In addition, Hollande claims education is a societal program, and should not interfere with the private sphere of students’ lives.

“Education is priority,” Hollande said at Paris’s Sorbonne University on Wednesday. “An education program is, by definition, a societal program. Work should be done at school, rather than at home.” – Taken from an article at the Huffington Post.

Other schools that have tried this program have seen mixed results. It is no surprise that the French government would implement an idea such as this. Valuing leisure, cultural preservation, and the idea of equality resonate strong with stereotypes and ideas of what it means to be French.

However, he is also attempting to reduce the amount of days in school to 4 in an effort to reduce costs.

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