French Music of the Week: Kitsuné – Singing in English

Kitsuné is an indie electronic music record and fashion label created in 2002. They are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a 2 disc compilation.

If you have Spotify (which you should, it’s an amazing music sharing program), click on the link here to access all of the music, and all the compilations for every year.

If you like Yelle, or Daft Punk, or house music in general you will definitely like the music from Kitsuné.

A lot of the artists don’t sing in French because it’s hard to distribute to a global market, as well as cultural shifts towards globalization. You can read an interesting article about it here at The Guardian about the popularity and cosmopolitan qualities associated with singing in English, and here about the inability to reach a pan-European audience without singing in English.





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