Un Po’ di Cultura: The Italian National Anthem

A national anthem is, as we all know, an important symbol of the unity and pride of a nation’s people. It is often a call to the past, to a time when a disparate people rose together and formed the foundations of a nation. Many of us feel the emotion of our own national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, but let us now take a moment to appreciate the history and grandeur of the Italian national anthem, Fratelli d’Italia, or L’Inno di Mameli.

L’Inno di Mameli was written by the young poet Goffredo Mameli and put to music by Michele Novaro in 1847, in the initial great revolution of Italian unification, Il Risorgimento. Before Il Risorgimento, Italy was a collection of independent city-states, but came together to fight off foreign rulers, and was proclaimed a nation in 1861. After World War II, Italy took the final step and became a republic; in 1946, perhaps as a re-celebration of the unity that was cultivated during Il Risorgimento, Mameli’s hymn was declared the national anthem.

Fratelli d’Italia is a majestic piece of music, expressing a call to brotherhood (and sisterhood) by that exciting concept, the Nation of Italy.


Video courtesy of YouTube.


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