Excursion to Italian Film Festival

Running out of ideas for fun Fridays? Come enjoy some pizza, friends, and an Italian film on Friday, April 5! That Friday, there will be a group excursion to Punch Pizza and then to see the film Terraferma at the Italian Film Festival. Terraferma is one of the films discussed by new FRIT faculty member Lorenzo Fabbri, who lectured as a faculty candidate in February. The film is about a Sicilian fisherman who happens upon a boat full of illegal immigrants. The film highlights the multi-faceted nature of the sea–as a tourist attraction, a source of sustenance, and as a passageway between cultures–and explores the issues of immigration, tolerance, and diversity. It won the Silver Lion Award and a Special Jury Award at the Venice Film Festival 2011.

Feel free to come to dinner at Punch Pizza in Stadium Village (802 Washington Ave SE), starting at 5 pm, or else join the group at the Eddy/Jones Hall bus stop at 6:20. We will be taking the 2 bus to/from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where the film will be screened at 7:30.

Student tickets are only $7 and can be ordered at <http://www.theitalianculturalcenter.org/Default.aspx?pageId=1501024>. Unfortunately, the only method of payment is PayPal. BUT if you do not have PayPal, you may pay your $7 to FRIT assistant Delaney Churchwell, who will then pay for the group as a whole. Money (cash only) should be submitted to the front desk of the FRIT office in an envelope with your FULL name, Delaney Churchwell’s name, and the words “film festival” on it. If it does not have your full name on it, your ticket will not be paid for. Ticket money is due no later than Tuesday, April 2, before noon. There will be no IOUs.

Photo courtesy iloveitalianmovies.com.


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