Upcoming Campus Events

Symposium: “Burning the Sea”

Accounts of North- and Sub-Saharan African clandestine migrations to Europe are broadcast widely in print and electronic media. Concurrently, fictional accounts on the matter published in French, Spanish, and Italian have grown considerably. Though they have received extensive media coverage, the desperate crossings have garnered little academic attention. “Burning the Sea: Clandestine Migrations in the Age of Globalization” is a symposium designed as an interdisciplinary conference that will bring together fifteen scholars from various national and international institutions, with a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Panelists will discuss contemporary clandestine human migratory flows across the Mediterranean Sea between southwestern Europe and North- and Sub-Saharan Africa, as they are represented in French, Francophone, and Spanish literature and cinema. Panels will also examine these migratory patterns, concentrating on how they are accounted throughout history, in mass media, and political discourse. April 19 9 am-5 pm, April 20 10 am-2:30 pm. Please visit <https://events.umn.edu/027038> to register.


Event: Bernard Stiegler, “From Psychopower to Neuropower: Autonomy and Automation”

On April 15 and 16, French philosopher Bernard Stiegler will be speaking and doing workshops on the topic of “From Psychopower to Neuropower”. Stiegler has written more than thirty books, publishing widely on time, memory, individuation, consumerist culture, post-capitalism, and pharmacology. Check out the FRIT website for the detailed schedule or more information.