La Piccola Notizia: Robert Downey, Jr. to be in “Pinocchio”?

On April 18, the Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported that during a premiere of Iron Man 3 in London, Robert Downey, Jr. announced that he plans to make a new version of the classic Pinocchio. To be made by his own production company in cooperation with Warner Brothers Studio, the film would star Downey as Geppetto. He did not mention who would play Pinocchio. Downey stated that he would like to keep the film faithful to the original, but to play up the fantasy. He said he has great respect for the famous version of the film starring Italian phenomenon Roberto Benigni, but thinks that the story has the capability to be told again and again in different ways. Whether it’s merely rumor or not, it’s fun to imagine Robert Downey, Jr. as a scruffy old man running after a wooden puppet.





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