Job Opportunity: Concordia Language Villages

Still looking for a summer job? Consider applying to work at the Concordia Language Villages. CLV offers full-immersion summer camps in 15 different languages for kids 7-18 years old. All villages are located in Minnesota. As a staff member, you can enhance your language and culture skills all while having a blast, playing games and teaching kids what you know. (And you get paid!)

Many of the villages are designed to resemble the architecture of their target culture; delicious cultural food is served for all meals; and many of the daily activities are similar to activities done in the target culture. It waaaayy beats out dishing up fast food or stocking shelves all day.

To learn more, visit

CLV is especially  in need of male staff who speak Italian for the Italian village, Lago del Bosco. To learn more about the village, visit


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