Seeking volunteer tutors for Fall 2013

Beyond the four walls of your classroom, there remain numerous ways to maintain grammar skills and sharpen your own language comprehension. Some of the most obvious methods are to stay engaged in conversation groups or guest lectures offered by the department of French and Italian. However, what some people neglect to realize is that teaching a language can be an edifying activity for both tutor and student. Tutoring experience looks fantastic on a resume, but beyond the chance to strengthen your professional profile, it can also be a way to hone your own language skills. Beyond the realm of French or Italian, tutoring also helps to develop mentorship qualities and a critical eye for guiding others towards future skills of self-sufficiency in their chosen field.

If you are interested in such an undertaking, here’s your chance!

The French and Italian Department is looking for volunteer tutors in French and in Italian for Fall 2013!

To be eligible to tutor, you must have completed French 3015 or Italian 3015 with a “B+” or better.

To be a tutor, please submit the following to Professor Betsy Kerr (for French) or to the Director of Lower Division Italian, Ms. Carlotta DradiBower (for Italian) :

1. An unofficial transcript
2. A very brief statement of interest, including your name, email address, phone number and the name of at least one French or Italian instructor (preferably from the University of Minnesota), and the hours you would be available to tutor.

Application materials may be left for Professor Kerr and Ms. Dradi-Bower at the Department of French and Italian in 314 Folwell, or sent electronically to (Kerr) or (Dradi-Bower).

If you have already participated in this program, please just email your name, availability and contact information.

In order to get the tutoring program up and running by the third week of the semester, we must receive your application by Friday,  September 13.


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