Tutoring Begins Monday 2/3

Are you having difficulties with an assignment or particular language concept, or need someone to look over a paper? The Department of French & Italian offers a tutoring program that can help you with these types of problems. Tutors are students who were in your shoes not too long ago, so they are great resources minus the stress of talking to a professor.

This semester’s tutoring program will begin on Monday, February 3rd, and will be held in Folwell Hall room 1. Please note that this is a different room than has previously been used for tutoring. To see the tutoring schedule or get more information about the program, please visit the tutoring page on this website.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Betsy Kerr for French or Carlotta Dradi-Bower for Italian. These coordinators can give you all of the information you need, but please know that in order to tutor, you must have completed French or Italian 3015 with a B+ or higher grade.

Photo credit: sketchingbrad.com.