CAPE Major/Minor Expo

Represent your major?

Interested in representing your language at the CAPE Major/Minor Expo? We are looking for two undergraduate students per hour to represent the Department of French and Italian Studies.
To participate, email Natalie or Zoë at

More info?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
1 – 4 P.M.
Coffman Memorial Union, Great Hall

What should I expect at the event?
At the Major/Minor Expo, Coffman’s Great Hall will be filled with advisors and faculty from a wide range of the majors and minors on campus. Check out which booths you’re interested in to learn what coursework, common career paths, and opportunities are like!

Do I need to dress up?
The people at the Major/Minor Expo are interested in you, not what you’re wearing. Just come wearing the clothes you normally would wear to class.

Do I need to register for the Major/Minor Expo?
No registration is required for the Major/Minor Expo—you can walk in for five minutes if that’s all you have time for, or you can stay for three hours talking with every major/minor representative.

No cost, no RSVP, just come through the doors of Coffman’s Great Hall.

Do I need to bring anything?
Nope! If you’re nervous about talking with the advisers or faculty members, perhaps bring some prepped questions to get the conversation started.

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