Coffee Around the World

Wondering how you can maintain your caffeine addiction even while studying abroad? Look no further, as this guide will help you order confidently from café menus in French and in Italian!

If you’re craving a macchiato in France, try ordering « une noisette », which is an espresso drink with a dash of steamed milk. Want to try something more Parisian? Go for « un café serré ». It has half the amount of water as espresso, making it super strong (and super popular!). If it’s later in the day and you’d rather not have caffeine, you can always get a decaf, or « un déca » as the French say.

Une noisette

When you find yourself in a coffee craze in Italy, don’t make the amateur mistake of « un cappucino » in the evening; Italians usually only drink them in the morning! Instead, you could try « un caffè macchiato », which is espresso with a bit of hot milk and foam. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy Italy in the summer time, be sure to try « un caffè shakerato ». This delicious beverage is espresso shaken with ice and sugar, a perfect treat to help you cool off.

Un caffè shakerato

Abroad in Senegal? On practically any street corner, you’ll be able to order « Café Touba », a popular coffee drink flavored with Guinea pepper and often cloves.

Un homme versant un Café Touba

Lastly, if you ever aren’t sure what to order from a café, you can always ask your barista for « une recommandation » or « una raccomandazione ». They’re the real experts here!

And of course, be sure to order a yummy pastry to enjoy with your coffee!



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