Italian Music Highlight: Levante

If you love the Italian language and indie pop music, you may also be a fan of the music genre Italian indie pop. Either way, give Italian singer-songwriter Levante a listen!

Levante is the stage name for Claudia Lagona, born and currently residing in Sicily, Italy. “Alfonso”, her breakout song, remains her most well-known piece. Her new album Abbi cura di te was released in 2015, which contains another famous single by Levante, “Ciao per sempre”.

In 2015, Levante also went on tour in Italy for her new album, performing live in 28 Italian cities. To keep up-to-date on Levante’s musical activities, you can follow her blog here!

If Levante isn’t quite the music you usually listen to, keep an eye out for future Italian music highlights! We’ll try to present a variety of musicians and styles. Feel free to send us recommendations at and we’ll consider including them in future posts!


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