French Music Highlight: Julien Doré

It’s time for another music shoutout!

This week, we’ll be presenting about French music artist Julien Doré, who gained fame after winning the fifth season of the French talent show Nouvelle Star. His music is a fun blend of wacky and groovy, with music videos to match. After winning the Nouvelle Star, Doré published his first album Ersatz, which includes one of his most popular singles to date: “Les limites”.

Julien Doré released his second album, Bichon, in March of 2011, preserving much of his original sound. It also contains the song “Kiss me forever”, whose music video is one of Doré’s most famous. The video incorporates the album’s title, as it features Julien Doré holding onto a bichon (breed of dog).

Since then, Doré has continued to receive attention for his musical genius. In 2012, he performed on a Belgian television station, singing an acoustic version of the French R&B song “Femme like you”. Doré also released his third album, Løve, in 2013, and his most recent album, titled &, this past October.

Doré has a ton of material out there to discover, between his four albums and his other miscellaneous singles and collaborations, so go on a musical journey and explore his work! He’s sure to have some songs that will surprise you.

As always, feel free to send us French music recommendations at if Julien Doré isn’t your thing and you have other ideas for us. We’d love to branch out!


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