Italian Music Highlight: Il Volo

It’s time for our second Italian music spotlight!

This time, we’re spreading the good word about the Italian boy band Il Volo. If you’re in tune to the European pop music scene, there’s no way you haven’t heard of this amazing music group. Their sound features two tenors and a baritone, resulting in beautiful “popera” music, as they call it.

Their first album, released in 2010, featured mostly covers of famous Italian and international songs, though it did have some original singles. The international version of this album gained major international success, and Il Volo was featured in America on American Idol, The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The song “O sole mio” became their most popular single in the United States.

In 2012, the group came out with their second album, with songs in Italian, English, and Spanish. Il Volo came out with a Christmas album in 2013, titled Buon Natale, featuring some of the most popular English Christmas songs. ‘Tis the season, so give them a listen!

Finally, Il Volo’s already widespread fame grew exponentially when they had the privilege to represent Italy at the 2015 Eurovision competition in Vienna. They won third place initially, but reached first place through televoting.

Il Volo not your style? Send us Italian music recommendations at! We’d love to get suggestions from our readers.


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