Aperitivo and cards. The Italian way.

An under-appreciated cultural practice in Italy is playing cards! The Italian Cultural Center has an event series for those interested in learning more about Italian card games: “Aperitivo and cards. The Italian way.”

Join their representatives Luisa and Ileana on April 27, from 6:00-8:00 pm for a genuine and fun Italian experience of aperitivo and cards.

Never played before? Non vi preoccupate, Luisa and Ileana will walk you through the game rules and teach you how to play scopone scientifico, a variant of the popular scopa, a card game (gioco di carte) that every true Italian must master. And this goes along with an Italian aperitivo, perfect to chill on a Thursday evening.

This event is open to beginners as well as advanced players. But hurry, it’s limited to 16 persons only!

The knowledge of Italian is not required.

Cari concittadini italiani delle Twin Cities, vi aspettiamo per un aperitivo e un gioco di carte che vi fara` sentire a casa!

The price for this event is $15 for ICC members and $20 for non-members.



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