Francophone Music Highlight: Élage Diouf

Music Highlights are back! This time, we’re featuring a musician who will actually be performing at the Cedar Cultural Center in just a couple of weeks: Élage Diouf!

Diouf was born in Dakar, Sénégal but settled in Québec, Canada in 1996, where he has pursued a career in music. His music is mainly in his mother tongue of Wolof, a choice Diouf attributes to the language’s musicality.

His music blends many different sounds and styles, and Diouf himself describes it as “a blend of pop, world, blues, folk and asiko.” To date, he has released two solo albums, Askil (2010) and Melokáane (2015). Respectively, the album titles mean “welcome” and “reflection” in Wolof.

If you’ve enjoyed these snippets of Diouf’s music, check out his concert at the Cedar on Monday, November 20th. His live performances are energetic and unforgettable; Diouf encourages audience participation in his shows through song, dance, and even inviting audience members onto the stage with him. Tickets for his concert are only $15, so pick up some tickets on the Cedar’s website soon!

If Diouf isn’t quite your style, check out our other music highlights or send us your own! We would love to receive musician suggestions, so send us an email at if there’s a French or francophone musician that you’d like to share.


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