French TV Series Available Online

As finals week approaches, what better time could there be to explore what French television has to offer? Whether you plan on taking a “study break” to watch a few episodes of a Netflix series or want to find something to watch once all of your finals are over, the French Embassy has you covered with a list of the French TV series that are available online (through Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc.).

Their full list can be accessed here, but if you’re looking for specific suggestions, try one of the following shows! (Recommended by yours truly.)

Les Revenants puts a twist on the classic zombie story. When the deceased residents of a mountain town come back to life, they crave nothing more than return to the lives they lead before their deaths. Available on Netflix in French with English subtitles, this show will certainly make you reflect on the common trope of le mort-vivant.

Although I have only watched the first episode of Les Témoins (so far!), I can tell that this series will definitely be thrilling. It follows a detective as she investigates a mysterious case where the perpetrator arranges unearthed bodies to portray a scene. The situation soon implicates a former detective who joins the case to clear his own name. Also available on Netflix in French with English subtitles.

This show, a BBC historical drama, portrays the court of “Le Roi Soleil,” King Louis XIV. Picking up just as Louis moved his court to his country estate, Versailles showcases the power dynamics and drama at play among the French nobility in the late 1600s. Although this show is in English, its fascinating depiction of French history is sure to enrapture students of the language.


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