Local Production: Le Cirque Féerique

Theatre productions are a great way to appreciate a different culture, and local theatre productions also help support the local arts scene! Coming very soon, Collective Unconscious Performance is bringing French history to life on a Minneapolis stage. Set in Paris in the 1690s, Le Cirque Féerique recounts the history of French fairy tales and … Continue reading Local Production: Le Cirque Féerique


French TV Series Available Online

As finals week approaches, what better time could there be to explore what French television has to offer? Whether you plan on taking a "study break" to watch a few episodes of a Netflix series or want to find something to watch once all of your finals are over, the French Embassy has you covered … Continue reading French TV Series Available Online

Italian Music Highlight: Annalisa

This week, we're honoring Italian singer-songwriter Annalisa! After participating in two bands (Elaphe Guttata and leNoire), she has gained popularity as a solo artist in recent years. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZGGmO9dXxs Born in Savona, Italy, Annalisa Scarrone began studying music at a young age with classical guitar and flute. Even at the young age of thirteen, she worked … Continue reading Italian Music Highlight: Annalisa

French Music Highlight: Fishbach

For today's music highlight, check out the unique sound of Fishbach, a French musician whose music mixes rock, synthpop, and experimental sounds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29mcKVhwzu8 Fishbach, née Flora Fischbach, was born in the north of France. At the age of fifteen, she quit school for other pursuits until she fell in love with music and performing after … Continue reading French Music Highlight: Fishbach