French Culture Highlight: Easy French Recipes

When I think of French recipes, some of the first examples that come to mind are baked goods like macarons and soufflés, as intimidating to beginning bakers as they are delicious. Not all French recipes carry the same risk of disaster, however! As an amateur in the kitchen myself, try out these suggestions of (relatively)... Continue Reading →


Call for Multilingual Poems: “In Bone and Flesh”

This April, join the French & Italian Department for a celebration of multilingual poetry and music! All members of the University of Minnesota community are invited to submit, as well as local poets. The deadline to submit poems is March 15, so start considering your favorite foreign works. Here are the full details of the... Continue Reading →

Italian Culture Highlight: Gestures

If anyone has watched old Italian movies or have traveled to Italy, there is a good chance you have seen Italians passionately using their hands. But what do these gestures really mean? Believe it or not these simple signs mean more than you think. Here is a quick guide to some easy Italian gestures. Italians... Continue Reading →

French Culture Highlight: Must-See Films on DCL

Cinema: a quintessential French experience. Where would we be today without the works of Georges Méliès, Jean-Luc Godard, or Jean Renoir? In a world much more drab and uninspired, to be sure. Luckily, the University of Minnesota has a veritable treasure trove of movies uploaded to their Digital Content Library (DCL). Among their numerous collections,... Continue Reading →

French Culture Highlight: Les Revenants

As the weather finally turns chilly and I bring out my extensive sweater collection from storage, I happily turn towards my favorite autumn tradition: spooky, supernatural stories. This year, I've been lucky enough to find a zombie drama in French that departs from the usual zombie story cliché. Les Revenants (English: The Returned) is a popular... Continue Reading →

MN Opera: La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini

Lose your heart to the timeless love story that has moved audiences for generations. In Puccini’s classic tale, six young Parisian artists survive on nothing but their friendship and the promise of a love so strong it transcends even death. Heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure, this time-honored story – the inspiration behind Rent –... Continue Reading →

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