Find language, culture and miscellaneous resources here for both French and Italian.


French Language Resources

  • Grand Robert de la langue française Accessible through the UMN libraries via UMN login, the largest, most comprehensive online French dictionary with French entries and French definitions.
  • Word Reference Dictionaries Contains over 250,000 entries, as well as a useful forum where specific sayings or idioms are available for reference.
  • Conjugation engine Website dedicated entirely to charting the conjugation of French verbs, particularly useful when double-checking or revisiting the forms of irregular verbs or less commonly used tenses.
  • Tex’s French Grammar Outline of French grammatical concepts, designed by the University of Texas at Austin. A useful tool for extra practice and reinforcement; after each grammar section, there are about 10 extra practice questions.
  • Larousse French to French dictionaries, encyclopedias.
  • ARTFL Extensive database of digitized French documents, compiled by a cooperation between the French government and the University of Chicago. Through the ARTFL-FRANTEXT database, students may search for key words or phrases from documents ranging from the 12th-20th centuries. Useful when looking for additional context from a quotation, author, or passage discussed in class.
  • Bon Patron Basic grammar engine that will point out — but not correct — possible grammatical errors in small chunks of text, from the perspective of French to English and English to French.

French Culture/Local Resources


Italian Language Resources

  • Word Reference Dictionaries Contains nearly 200,000 entries, as well as a very useful forum where specific sayings or idioms are available for reference.

Italian Culture/Local Resources


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