Tutoring hours will be held in Folwell 1. Our tutoring room is drop-in, so feel free to stop by any time we have someone on the calendars.

The Department of French and Italian at the University of Minnesota offers tutoring assistance to its students through a peer to peer tutoring program. Tutors serve students best when they help them understand how languages work — in this case French and Italian — and how to learn a foreign language. Students can expect to be helped with the following issues:

  • Specific questions about grammatical points
  • Specific questions about a homework assignment
  • A particular area of grammar that poses difficulties for the student
  • Finding resources in a course book
  • Using a dictionary
  • Practice conversation with one or several students (unless others are waiting to be helped)
  • Practice pronunciation by helping students read aloud
 However, for reasons of academic integrity, students who seek help from the FRIT tutors should also anticipate that:
  • Tutors will not proofread assignments or papers
  • Tutors are not a tool to complete homework assignments, otherwise untouched
  • Tutors will divide their time equally between students as necessary

By adhering to these guidelines, tutors and students alike can expect to benefit from this volunteer-based tutoring program!